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"Explore Pride Tours 2012"


Pride 2012

Gay owned and operated,Explore San Francisco is pleased to announce Pride Tours 2012. Want to see the city above and beyond the parade, festival and the clubs? We offer the GLBT community tours and sightseeing within our community but outside of the box. Food tours, walking tours, running tours, 1970s Folsom District walk, or even porn studio tours. We accomodate groups and we offer sightseeing with transport provided by van service, SUV or town car. You may find the perfect choice from our regular itinerary or let us create something special for you. Please call the Pride Desk at 415.793.1104 or email

Scenic Running

Scenic RunningSan Francisco is the perfect city for running, incomparable scenery, varied terrain and mild temperatures. Take one of our scheduled runs or let us lead you on a custom run.


North Beach & Chinatown

North Beach & Chinatown at NightThis tour is very social, we have fun and friendships are made. Maybe its the wine or exotic teas, good food, the company or the vibrant area, but if youre looking for a great evening, you cant go wrong with this fun event.This is part of our regular line up, 4 or more and well have a GLBT outing.


Neighborhood Tours

Side StreetsSan Francisco, California is one of the most walkable cities in the country. We have walking tours all over the city. Choose from our regular line up of tours, or let us design something for you. 415.793.1104


Folsom- Armory

Folsom DistrictRelive the 1970s Miracle Mile and The Folsom District in all of its glory. See just the Folsom or combine this with a tour of the SF Armory, home of Select tours go to Treasure Island MediaUpon Request


Upon Request

Anniversary or birthday celebration, Pride Party to never forget, personal milestone, marriage proposal, business proposal, romantic evening or just something new and different. Give us your vision and let us expertly and meticulously make your extraordinary event a lifetime memory. 415.793.1104

Shuttle, Van, Towncar

Shuttle, Van or Town CarANapa, The Russian River, Black Sand Beach, or San Gregorio are all popular GLBT destinations within driving distance. We have transportation for any size group. Please call the Pride Desk for these spots or anywhere else you might like to see! 415.793.110

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2012 World Naked Bike Ride | SF | FunCheapSF

9th Annual  World Naked Bike Ride
SFSaturday, June 9, 2012All Day
Cost: FREE Justin Herman Plaza1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

2012 World Naked Bike Ride | SF

The San Francisco edition of  2012 World Naked Bike Ride Day –
Northern Hemisphere edition will meet at the northeast side of the fountain in Justin Herman Plaza on June 9th.
Meet at 11:00am  for body painting Bring body paints, washable markers, watercolors or other easily removed media to apply slogans and designs to your bodies if you wish if you want to protest dependence on oil and then a Noon departure from the Plaza so that the ride will take place in the warmest part of the day, but they ride rain or shine so no excuses not to be here and bare it out.

The ride generally hits AT&T Park, the Embarcadero, Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach, the Haight, the Castro and more.
9th Annual World Naked Bike Ride | 2012Northern Hemisphere RideSaturday, June 9, 2012- 11am body painting- Noon departureJustin Herman Plaza, San Francisco

FREERSVP on Facebook: How “Naked” is this ride?: While it is a “naked” bike ride, all are welcome; it’s ride as bare as you dare. That is, body paint, rubber latex, bikinis, topless, lingerie, bubble pack, whatever costume you are comfortable riding with. Skates or skateboards have ridden along with us in the past. How about a nude unicyclist?
Why so many “World Naked Bike Ride Days?” – Please note there are several “World Naked Bike Rides” throughout the year. The Northern Hemisphere Ride is generally in June and the Southern Hemisphere Ride which SF also participates in is generally in March, but a few minor naked bike rides throughout the year. But the June ride is the biggest.

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Cyclocross: The Be-All Bike for San Francisco | 7×7

Cyclocross: The Be-All Bike for San Francisco

Cyclocross: The Be-All Bike for San FranciscoSAN Francisco bike riders are lucky. We’ve got world-class road biking in Marin, killer single track to the North and South, and gorgeous bike touring along the coast. Not to mention the miles of bike lanes in our city.

But all these various types of riding require a different type of bike. And with San Francisco-sized apartments, it’s hard to find space for your four or five types of bikes, not to mention your roommate’s four or five bikes.

Heck, I had my mountain bike dismantled and stored on top of my fridge for most of last year…that is until I traded them all in for one bike: A cyclocross.

Cyclocross may very well be the best bike you’ve never heard of, and if you’re like me, it just may change your life—or at least your riding life.

Cyclocross is a sort of hybrid bike, only a really efficient and performance-based hybrid. It has road bike geometry, knobby tires, stronger brakes and a higher bottom bracket see picture below. Basically, it’s a beefy road bike that can tackle anything San Francisco has to offer—from street potholes to park single-track.

This week, I took my new Cannondale Super X Cyclocross out for a San Francisco spin—from my house in Duboce Triangle all the way to McLaren Park in the south end. On a mountain bike, I usually rent a car or BART it to McLaren Park, because the idea of rolling six miles of streets on fatty mountain bike tires sounds brutal.

On my cross bike, with its skinny tires and light frame, I was passing most rush hour car traffic en route to the trails. When I got to the park, I was able to roll up and down the narrow trails with ease, taking in the awesome views of San Francisco from the top and barreling down the smooth packed dirt on the way down. In two hours, I’d ridden through three neighborhoods and six miles of single-track—all on one bike.

Picking a Cyclocross Bike

Bike Allowed Use of Full Lane CVC 21202, San F...

Bike Allowed Use of Full Lane CVC 21202, San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The versatility of cross bikes is what makes them so incredible—and again, so perfect for San Francisco’s terrain.

Interested in road biking and trail riding? Get a race bike (like mine, pictured above). You can put on road tires when you want to go for a strictly road ride, or keep on the knobbies for dirt and mixed riding. I’ve demoted my old road bike to my bang up city bike now and am just riding my cross bike for road and trail riding. Plus, with a bike like this, you’ll be able to race it if you choose.

Want to do touring and city riding? Get a steel cyclocross bike and pedal comfortably in the city, on some trails and tack on some panniers for weekend touring. I see people commuting every day on cyclocross and they roll over potholes and grates as easily as I rolled over roots and rocks.

This summer, I’ll be writing about some of the best trails to ride in San Francisco, and within a quick bike ride out of the city. So stay tuned for those details. For now, look at your bike collection (or lack there of) and think about having one bike to do it all.

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What to Eat at AT&T Park, Home of the Giants – Eater Guide – Eater SF

What to Eat at AT&T Park, Home of the Giants

Thursday, April 5, 2012, by Eater Intern

241ATT Park,  Home Of The Giants, San Francisco, California
[Photo: Photo credit]

There’s no need to settle for a mediocre hot dog or an $8 Bud Light at AT&T Park; some say they’ve got the best stadium concessions in the country. Peanuts, Cracker Jack boxes and other typical snacks of baseball, are all within reach. But so too are rock cod tacos from Mijita, gruyere panini from the farmer’s market cart, ice cream from Humphry Slocombe, and fresh strawberries with whipped cream. Of course, you can also find that above-average hot dog made with beef from 4505 Meats at chef Traci Des Jardin’s Public House.

Now, leading into the Giants’ home opener against the Pirates next Friday (4/13), here’s a guide to what to eat at AT&T Park and where to find it.

AT&T Park’s Five Standouts

Public House

Public House: Traci Des Jardin has raised the standards for stadium feasting, and this season there are new gourmet options from her new chef Chris Wade. Here, they serve snacks like gruyere mac and cheese, deviled eggs topped with salsa and bacon, and cauliflower with raisins and pinenuts. The hot dogs and bratwursts come from 4505 Meats, the fish and chips is made with fresh Pacific cod, and for dessert there’s a double stout float using Humphry Slocombe’s best. [Willie Mays Plaza]

Crazy Crab'z

Crazy Crab’z: Located at center field is a sandwich that Giants fans crave every season. Sweet and fresh Dungeness crab between two slices of garlic butter-brushed grilled sourdough. A crab salad and crab cocktail also grace the menu. [Center Field]

Orlando's Carribean Bowl

Orlando’s Caribbean BBQ: This outpost is know for the Cha-Cha bowl. Rice, beans, grilled chicken, pineapple-zucchini salsa all mixed together like a Caribbean incarnation of bibimbap. It’s one of the most filling and satisfying meals in the park. [Promenade Level and View Level]

Farmer's Market Cart

Farmer’s Market Cart: A nice break from the hot dogs and fried goods can be found at the Ferry Plaza’s farmer market stand. Seasonal produce is available as well as a gruyere grilled cheese, fresh strawberry shortcake and a blackberry cabernet sorbet. [Club Level]


Mijitas: This Mexican restaurant, also from chefs Jardin and Wade, serves chicken tamales, jicama salad with grapefruit, avocado and pumpkin seeds and an assortment of tacos, like carne asada and crisped carnitas. [Willie Mays Plaza]


Center Field
Anchor Grill: Serves up ahi tuna and portobello mushroom sandwiches, burgers, kielbasa.
*Pier 44 Chowder House: Warm clam chowder served in a bread bowl, the San Franciscan way. Other seafood items on the menu include calamari and fish and chips.
*Pipkins Pit BBQ: An array of southern specialities like beans, beef brisket sandwiches, cole slaw and pulled pork. And one of the best commercials for a concession stand ever.
*Say Hey! Sausage Specialties: A large selection of sausages, bratwurst and hot dogs. And everyone’s favorite, Kozyshak pudding.
Stormin’ Normans: Well known for their Fry Bread – fried dough topped with powdered sugar. Or cinnamon. Or honey. The options are endless. And, according to their menu, free whooopie [sic] pies.


Field Level
California Cookout: Offers a hefty sized kielbasa sausage sandwich topped with onions, pepper and sauerkraut. Other options include chicken sandwiches, and polish sausages.
Clam Chowder: Warm chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl.
Derby Grill:A selection of burgers, chicken tenders, BBQ brisket sandwiches, veggie dogs and corn dogs.
Edsel Ford Fong: The one and only Chinese concession in the park serving beef & broccoli, Thai beef skewers, Chinese salad, chow fun and Thai yellow curry.
Gourmet Sausages: Serves bratwurst, hot links and kielbasa.
*Murph’s Clubhouse Pub: Their sweet potato fries dusted with curry are a nice change from the stadium’s never ending supply of garlic fries. Also on the menu, Irish quesadillas and corned beef brisket sandwiches.
Saag’s Deli Sandwiches:Roast beef, turkey and ham sandwiches, as well as fresh fruit salads.
*Tres Agaves Mexican Kitchen: The go-to place for margaritas and a bacon wrapped hot dog. Other standard mexican fare such as nachos, tacos, tamales available.


Promenade Level
A Taste of North Beach: A medley of local North Beach dishes, like the forty clove garlic chicken sandwich from Stinking Rose, tiramisu from Victoria Pastry, meatball sandwiches and cheese-stuffed ravioli.
Outta Here Cheesesteaks: A place where Cheesteaks come in various forms. From the classic Philly, to a Nor-Call Veggie and San Francisco chicken.


Club Level
*Ghirardelli:Where one can indulge on their famous hot fudge sundae, plus the much anticipated s’mores sandwich – melted chocolate and marshmallows between two slices of bread.
Giuseppe Bazurro:Named after the famous San Francisco restauranter from the late 19th century, this stand offers Italian eats like pizza and chicken parmesan.
Joe Garcia’s: Soft tacos, burritos, quesadillas and other Mexican dishes.
Mashi’s Sushi Bistro: A refreshing change from the heavy meat and cheese laden delicacies popular at ballparks. With a selection of fresh sushi rolls, sashimi and edamame.


View Level
*Doggie Diner Stand
Offers the much loved Sheboygan bratwurst, served on a sourdough roll with sauerkraut and onions.

Also widely available throughout the stadium: beer and wine from Bayside Brews, Mission Creek Cantina, Budweiser, Left Field Bar, Right Field Bar, Lexus Clubhouse Bar, California Wine Bar and Cable Car Bar. Coffee and espresso from Cafe Juma. Ice Cream from Dreyers and Haagen-Dazs. Hebrew National hotdogs. Pizza from Port Walk Pizza. Sandwiches from King Street Carvery. Fresh Popcorn. Gilroy Garlic Fries. Nuts from Cinnamon Roasted Nuts, Hot Roasted Nuts & Cervesas. Peanuts and cracker jacks from Doggie Diner. Sno cones, cotton candy and lemonade.

– Chloe Schildhause
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Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder (Photo credit: icebergprinciple)

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