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After you’ve seen the tourist attractions, come explore with us and see the city, the real city. Come with us and we’ll show you the city that we would show our guests, our family, our friends, not the waterfront-bus-tour-book of tickets city that comes with it’s own refrigerator magnet.

This city is so vibrant and alive, yet most tourists never veer off the predetermined route that has been packaged, advertised, marketed and sold to them without any real change for too long. We are here to show you the real city from an insider’s perspective. You won’t see the city from behind the glass of a tour bus while listening to a monotonous litany of what happened where. Rather, you will be a part of the city, and the city’s story will unfold around you as you experience this wonderful place as a local. Come with us and let’s Explore San Francisco together, it’s an adventure that you will remember forever. It’s also easier than you might think but first you’ll need to do two things: Put down the guidebook and move away from Pier 39.


Wild Parrots in San Francisco? Yes, there are officially at least two different flocks of wild parrots that reside here. Featured in many travel guides and news shows, these birds star in their own best selling book and full-length documentary. These naturalized birds have evolved into a brand new species of parrot, indigenous to San Francisco. Come see for yourself! A portion of ticket sales go to the San Francisco based non-profit group Mckaboo Companion Bird Rescue. We know where to find the parrots, but on very rare occassions they may have ventured outside their usual territory, and we may not be able to view them. In such an event you have the option of joining us on a subsequent safari, or if you prefer, you may receive a copy of the DVD “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.” More

Little Italy in San Francisco is a foodies dream. Of course, the food is beyond incredible, served with Italian accents one would expect from this outstanding neighborhood, but there is so much more! We will show you what makes North Beach so fascinating. From Beach Blanket Babylon, to The Godfather; The Beatniks and City Lights Book Store; notables like Carol DodaMarylin Monroe and Joe Dimaggio; espresso, a small family chocoloteria, and a myriad of beautiiful churches. And of course while experiencing all of thie greatnes, we will sample incredible food! More..



San Francisco is California imagined, through the eyes of the authors, poets, film makers, songwriters and musicians who lived here (and those who wish they did…) We will be looking at San Francisco through the eyes of people like Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Alice B. Toklas, Dashiell Hammett, Jack Kerouak, Allen Ginsberg, Armisted Maupin, Alfred Hitchcock, Herb Caen, Hunter S. Thompson and Amy Tam. These creative minds, along with many others, helped to interpret, define and create this fabled city. Would you like to see the city through their eyes? We can show you where they lived and what they saw, which is ultimately what they wrote about. More…


San Francisco boasts the largest Chinese population center outside of China. The reality of Chinatown is that there are two Chinatowns: One belongs to the locals; the other charms the tourists. They overlap and dance with each other, drawing more visitors annually than theGolden Gate Bridge. At Explore San Francisco, we show you the city as a local, so we will indeed show you to the ‘touristy’ sights, but we will also escort you into the alleys and side streets, where the residents lead their lives, usually unseen by most tourists. We will take you where the food is authentic, the shops unique and the history frankly, amazing. More…

An eight block stroll through Chinatown and then into North Beach. Hear the history of the area, while sampling some excellent food. This tour is always one of our most social, where both fun and friendships are made. Perhaps its the magic of twilight, where the hustle and bustle of daytime commerce shifts. Perhaps it’s the wine. Either way, if you’re looking for a relaxed but fascinating time with delicious food, you can’t go wrong with this fun choice! More…


The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of the 1960s is still very much alive and well today. “The Haight,” as it is now known, was officially established in 1883 and is today a vibrant urban village, one of San Francisco’s most fascinating neighborhoods. Beautiful Victorians, tree lined streets, unique little shops, thrift stores, cafes, and a wide variety of restaurants serving food from around the world will make this an afternoon you will never forget. Our menu willl be eclectic, drawing from assorted Thai, Indian or Mexican; healthy and not so healthy; chai, coffee or perhaps an exotic specialty tea. The Haight is flat, so our walk will be leisurely, with no major hills to climb! You’ll learn about the colorful history of the Haight as we stroll this lively and lovely neighborhood. As with all of our tours, we’ll be pointing out places that aren’t in the guide books, places you’d surely miss on your own! More…

BY REQUESTAnniversary or birthday celebrations, client appreciation events, marriage proposal, divorce party, sweet sixteens girls/guys night out, quality family time, a memorable afternoon or evening for you and your guests. Or just because you deserve it. Choose the date and time, tell us what you want and give us your budget. Together we’ll make something wonderful happen… More...


You’re invited to an urban tasting trip to three of San Francisco’s wine bars hosted by a knowledgeable resident and wine enthusiast. Sample wines by the glass, or in-flights designed to showcase California’s best wines. This tour is perfect for anyone interested in wine, in California’s wine industry, and those who want to enjoy San Francisco the way residents do! More...



San Francisco’s first neighborhood, The Mission District is still the heart and soul of vibrant San Francisco. This culinary and historic journey is so wonderfully rich that we have split the Mission District into two tours. Choose one tour or take them both. More...



Immerse yourself in the history and culture of this eclectic neighborhood. This trip starts at a Buddhist church, includes a tour, shopping and lunch, and ends with a trip to a spa! Included with your reservation is an all day pass to Imperial Spa, or a $20 voucher to either Kabuki Springs or Fuji Shiatsu! More...


          SHOP, SHOP, SHOP

Shop Shop Shop

Shop Shop Shop

Led by a boutique savvy resident, this trip is an opportunity to window shop – or buy – at designer clothiers, shoe stores and handmade jewelry shops. Browse home furnishings and find collectibles from around the world. Love fine stationery? Or skin care products? Come with uw. We’ll end our trip with lunch at one of the neighborhood’s unique restaurants. This trip is perfect for fashionistas, foodies and those who love the thrill of finding something unique (and maybe on sale!) More...


One of the world’s top dining cities, San Francisco was voted foodie capital of the U.S. in 2011. Where do up and coming chefs try out new concepts and debut new menus? At underground temporary pop pp restaurants, of course! How do you get in? Give us a call. We can get you a table! More…


CUSTOM TOURS/ PRIVATE TOURSAll of our tours and trips can be customized, with private groups always welcome!


Email us for details..



One of the newest trends for the health conscious traveler is seeing the sights while ona run.  Join our enthusiastic and experienced guides for a run on the best running trails that San Francisco has to offer. Our city runs meld the urban landscape with the natural beauty of he parks and coastal trails.  The phenomenal ocean and bay views and sweeping vistas overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge are enhanced by the dramatic hilly terrain. More...


Art In Nature, A Local Run

Art In Nature, A Local Run


Run the Golden Gate Park to SF Presidio
1 Artist
3 Installations
6 Miles

Join us for a run in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park. From the DeYoung Museum through the urban landscape of the Richmond District, we enter the Presidio and learn about its history and the impact the long-ago, man-made forest has had on the environment. The forest, which is in the midst of a reforestation has become the canvas for English-born artist, Andy Goldsworthy. You will traverses the Presidio, from Lovers Lane to Inspiration Point, where you will view two of Mr. Goldsworthy’s recent installations — “Wood Line” and “Spire.” MORE


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