Man Rescued From Under F-Market Wheels: SFist

Man Rescued From Under F-Market Wheels One of Munis delightful and terrifying historic F-Market trolley cars.

fmarket_sirgious.jpgPhoto credit: Sergio Ruiz
Firefighters rescuing a man who became stuck under the wheels of an historic F-Market trolley car remind us why we should all have a healthy fear of anything on rails this morning. The victim was reportedly trying to board through the back door of the train car near Market and Seventh Streets when it started moving and struck him, causing the potential passenger to become trapped under the trolley wheels.

Rescue crews responding to the call around 10 a.m. this morning had to evacuate the trolley car before lifting it up to slide the man out. One passenger on the train told the Chronicle he heard the victim scream and the victim had “big lacerations on his leg. You could see the track marks.”

While that report makes it sound like the guy lost a limb when he was trapped under the heavy rail wheels, the man was brought to a nearby hospital with only minor injuries.[Chron]

via Man Rescued From Under F-Market Wheels: SFist.


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