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Solar Eclipse Viewing  Guide for May 20th 2012 Tonight!

 First time in 18 years!!!

See the sun and moon align in a “Ring of Fire” Sunday night for the first time in 18 years.

By Johnny Funcheap – posted 5/19/2012

Just a few weeks after the supermoon made an appearance in the San Francisco Bay Area, you’ll get a chance to see the first annular solar eclipse since 1994 on Sunday, May 20, 2012 when the moon will cover up all but a sliver of the sun just before sunset.

The eclipse, which will cover more than 90% of the sun in in the Bay Area, will be viewable from around 5:15pm to 8:18pm with the peak being around 6:32pm

Although the Bay Area is just south of the “full eclipse” zone, you should still get a spectacular view of the partial eclipse in the Bay Area – especially from Point Reyes. The further north you drive, the more “full” the eclipse will be.

Want to celebrate with others? Attend the “Solar Eclipse Meditation” at Ocean Beach at 6:30pm – it’s free!

>> You can find tons of great info on watching the eclipse on the National Park Service website

How to safely view a solar eclipse

Duh… be smart when viewing a solar eclipse – never looking at it directly. Always make sure you use special solar glasses or other protection – here’s a how-to-guide for viewing the solar eclipse safely and tips to build your own pinhole projector.

via Solar Eclipse Viewing Guide –


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