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Harvey Milk Day 2012

Harvey Milk is spinning in his grave because of who occupies his seat. Mr Weiner, who has turned out to be a bigger dick than anyone ever would have guik[essed. He is all about forgetting about the people and the neighborhood and all about sucking up to developers and giving them whatever they want. Including making it harder for the Folsom GLBT Historic District even harder to be created. But at the same time, he is making it MUCH easier to Do anything they want


Harvey Milk Day 2012

The GLBT History Museum hosts a free event honoring Milk with historic film footage | Tuesday

By Johnny Funcheap – posted 5/19/2012

Since 2009, the State of California has honored the memory of Harvey Milk by celebrating May 22, the anniversary of his birth, as a statewide “day of special significance.” The GLBT History Museum in San Francisco will celebrate Harvey Milk Day 2012 by offering free admission on May 22.

The museum also will project rare historic videos of Milk on the screen in its Main Gallery periodically throughout the day. In its Front Gallery, the museum also offers a permanent exhibit of Milk’s belongings, providing a glimpse into his private life as a resident of the Castro neighborhood.

Among the objects on display are the battered kitchen table from Milk’s apartment, his well-worn Levi’s jeans, and a pair of pink novelty sunglasses that reflect his famed sense of humor.

Harvey Milk Day 2012

Free admission to GLBT History Museum

Tuesday, May 22, 2012 (11a-7p)

4127 18th St. San Francisco, CA


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