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Acid Queens: Peaches & Tommy
As her very name suggests, San Francisco midnight movie maven Peaches Christ has a passionate understanding of cinematic religiosity and cult rites. These enthusiasms also run wildly through the outrageous career of Ken Russell (1927-2011), including one of Russell’s greatest commercial successes, the 1975 rock opera Tommy.
Acting the Part
From historical figures to hell-raising kids, love tests to Internet chats, this shorts program offers characters striving to present a particular portrait of who they are and what they feel. The delight is in watching and evaluating how the images match up to reality.
  • Shorts Programs
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Renowned artist and dissident Ai Weiwei has waged an uncompromising battle against censorship and authoritarian government using imagination, skill and the social media of the day. This up-close, riveting look at the artist and rebel is a persuasive portrait of today’s China and the union of art and politics in a globalized age.
Stepping outside of the manor into urban terrain, the audacious director behind Dogtooth returns with a tragicomedy about a tightly knit group that specializes in impersonating the recently deceased. You’ll never look at tennis or rhythmic gymnastics—or modern life and grief counseling—the same way again.
The Anabasis of May and Fusako Shigenobu, Masao Adachi, and 27 Years Without Images
Japanese New Wave figure Masao Adachi abandoned filmmaking for Beirut and the left-wing Japanese Red Army, led by Fusako Shigenobu. This fascinating look at cinema, revolution, landscape and memory combines rich reflections of Shigenobu’s daughter May and Adachi.
Back to Stay
After their grandmother’s death, three sisters adjust to her absence and awkwardly test out new sibling dynamics in this fresh addition to the Argentine New Wave. Nuanced acting and exquisitely understated storytelling draw the viewer deep into a world within four walls.
Director Richard Linklater reunites with School of Rockstar Jack Black for this absurdly true, strangely affectionate black comedy about charming funeral director Bernie Tiede, a rich widow (Shirley MacLaine) who becomes his unlikely friend and the East Texas town that loves one and hates the other.
Bitter Seeds
Manjusha, a farmer’s daughter, is the heroine of the final film in documentary filmmaker Micha X. Peled’s globalization trilogy. As a journalist in training, without mentor or encouragement, she fights to give powerless Indian cotton farmers a voice against multinational seed and pesticide giant, the Monsanto Corporation.
Blink of an Eye
A storybook, medieval illuminations and details of the external world are observed in five recent experimental films that explore the nature of things, the way we think and the possibilities of image making. In the space between one image and the next, we link the unexpected and deepen our understanding.
  • Shorts Programs
This comically keen adaptation of Alejandro Zambra’s now-classic novella about a detached but sympathetic anti-hero fumbling through early adulthood in Santiago, Chile, is an existential romance rich with insights into the nature of love, the power of literature and the science of pruning miniature plants.

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