Parrots in San Francisco!

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

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There are officially at least two different flocks of wild parrots (parakeets) that reside in San Francisco.  Though San Francisco’s parrots are the most well known there are actually dozens of parrot flocks across the state of California representing fourteen different species. In San Francisco the “Parrots of Telegraph Hill”  are of the Genus Aratinga AKA Conures, specifically  the Mitred Parakeet and Red-masked Parakeet and rarely Blue Masked Parakeets. In the Mission District reside White-winged Parakeets (formerly Canary-winged Parakeets B. versicolurus) but a few are Yellow-chevroned Parakeets (B. chiriri). The Mission Flocks seem to be migrating away from the better known and larger flocks of the Parrots of Telegraph Hill.


Featured in many travel guides and news shows, these birds starred in their own best selling book and full length documentary. These naturalized birds have evolved into a brand new species of parrot indigenous to San Francisco. A portion of ticket sales go to the San Francisco based non profit group  Mckaboo Companion Bird Rescue. We know where to find the parrots but if for some reasonwe can’t locate them during our safari, you will receive a copy of DVDThe Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill.”
Perfect for:
Animal lovers, bird watchers, those who wish to see something completely different.
When: Afternoons on days without rain. Please call for details.
Cost: $80 Reservations Line: 800.595.4849 (24hrs)
Reservations Online:
More Information: 415.793.1104

Wild Parrot San Francisco






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