Chinatown and North Beach at Night

This tour is very social, we have fun and friendships are made. Maybe its because it’s the wine or exotic teas, the good food, the company or the vibrant area, but if you are looking for a relaxed and interesting evening with delicious food, you cannot go wrong with this fun event. The air scented with incense and spice invites us as we begin the evening with gourmet tea in Chinatown. We may sample Dim Sum, or other Cantonese, Sichuanese, Hunanese, but primarily it will be Americanized Hong Kong style cuisine on our leisurely stroll. We’ll see the oldest Chinese temple in America, the oldest Catholic Cathedral on the West Coast, the oldest Chinese bakery in the US, we will see workers make fortune cookies in their factory , delight in the flower stalls, street musicians playing ancient Chinese instruments,  shop the produce vendors, explore an herbalist shop, pass former opium dens, gambling halls and houses of ill repute. After going through the back alleys of Chinatown, where the local residents lead their daily lives, we cross over into North Beach entering through Kerouac alley, birthplace of the beatniks…

Welcome to San Francisco’s Little Italy, the city’s most charming neighborhood with a checkered past. We’ll see the bar where the beatniks drank and the bookstore where they read their works. Both of these establishments are still going strong! You’ll see Columbus Tower: “The Godfather” Building. We’ll cross Broadway,” The Strip Club Strip”, we’ll see the club where Carol Doda danced for decades. Shortly afterwards, the St. Francis of Assisi Church which is a national Roman Catholic shrine and the Fifth Seat of the Pope. We’ll walk along the border of the legenday American Barbary Coast. We’ll work our way up Columbus past bustling sidewalk cafes, where the air smells like freshly baked bread, garlic and espresso. Passing pottery shops, bakeries, trattorias, pizzarias, delicatessens and bars,
we’ll see famed Washingon Square and Sts. Peter and Paul Church( where Joe DiMaggion and
Marylin Monroe were not married) . We’ll eat again and finish the evening with good
conversation, laughter, wine or coffee and smiles all around.

North Beach and Chinatown at Night

North Beach and Chinatown at Night

At the intersection of Broadway, Columbus and Grant Avenues,
Little Italy meets Chinatown. This is a perfect spot in which

to find yourself, especially if you are looking for a me

Bimbos Swank

Bimbos Swank

Broadway Strip Clubs, North Beach
English: North Beach, San Francisco, Californi...




North Beach/ Chinatown at night, Broadway strip clubs

Broadway at Night

Chinatown at night

Chinatown at Night

Grant Avenue, Chinatown side, at night

Grant Avenue, Chinatown side, at night

Flatiron Building at Night North Beach

Flatiron Building at Night North Beach

Bimbos 365Bimbos 365

Bimbos, North Beach

This swanky Nightclub from the 1930s still attracts top musical acts from a variety of genres




streetsvesuvio. ..Vesuvios Beatnik hangout, North Beach




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